#LaudmeLimelight: @Knxwledge

Knxwledge, aka, Glen Boothe, is a young beat maker from Philly who incorporates, R&B, Jazz and many other genres as well as a feel of music icons from now and way back when into his productions.

Knxwledge’s beats are truly one of a kind among this new rise of producers. He has made many amazing sounds over the years (yes, even during the Myspace days) and we are looking forward to his upcoming projects and collaborations.

His past and present EP’s are available on his bandcamp page for your listening pleasure or to purchase. Either way you will not be disappointed. 

 We highly recommend: 


                                              Hexual.Sealings.LP (July 2011)



                                                 Flowrs.EP (August 2011) 


Hear for yourself…

Check it out here.

Check out his tumblr.  

Follow him on twitter, @Knxwledge 

#LAUDME Limelight: ”Hoodrich" - GITA

Follow her on twitter: @GITASPEAXDAILY 

Tumblr:  http://www.gitaspeaxdaily.tumblr.com

We love how this song has an old school, West Coast, 90’s feel to it. 

She has next… 

#LaudmeLimelight: @IGGYAZALEA

Yes, we just updated you with her recent single “Last Song” by IGGY AZALEA…


So it’s only right we include her in the #LaudmeLimelight because her music is good and…

She’s not your average female rapper. She’s Australian songwriter and rapper who began rapping at age 14. She’s been making noise in the US from her popular singles on Youtube from her mix tape Ignorant Art & freestyles. Now, managed by Interscope Records her debut studio album “The New Classic" will be released in this year. (We can’t wait!) 



She recently teamed up with DIMEPIECE designs for their Spring 2012 Collection hosting The Drug & The Dream Launch & Exhibition” as shown in the video above. 

If you love her single “Last Song”, it’s available on her FREE album IGNORANT ART.

Follow her on Twitter@IGGYAZALEA


Visit her site & DOWNLOAD NOW.


"Who IS IGGY AZALEA? By. Complex Magazine

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