Welcome Blue Ivy Carter…

Yes, it’s true!

Beyonce Knowles has given birth to Blue Ivy Carter! 

We know there has been countless meanings of Blue Ivy’s name all over the internet, so this ours…short and simple (no conspiracies or over thinking!) 

  • Beyonce & Jay Z were born on the 4th.
  • Beyonce & Jay Z were married on the 4th.
  • Beyonce’s favorite number and album is 4 or in roman numerals, IV.
  • Jay Z successful albums, Blueprint I, II, II, etc

So combined all these factors: BLUE IVY CARTER…

We love the name. It’s unique!

We are also seeing all these conspiracies and rumors on twitter, Facebook and the list goes on, about the name Blue Ivy, being linked with Lucifer, Satan, Illuminati etc. 



(Source: napphertiti)